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Meet the new High Garden.
This is how California was meant to be experienced.

High Garden products

California cannabis
that doesn't cut corners.

All-natural premium greenhouse flower available in 3.5G and 7G sizes.

Babied from seed to flower by some seriously talented growers in state-of-the-art greenhouses keeping sustainability high and environmental impact, low.

Live resin done right.

A strain-unique experience that encompasses the entire spectrum of cannabis terpenes from highly curated genetics.

Created using only flower that has been flash frozen immediately upon harvest to preserve all cannabinoids and terpenes, prividing users with a full cannabis experience. Enjoy full flower flavors and sesnations conveniently on-the-go with High Garden's new 1mL Pure Live Resin cartridges.

Always ready for a good time.

Whether cruisin' down Malibu or kickin' it seaside in Laguna, always be prepared to make memorable moments with our one gram pre-rolls.

High Garden's premium flower neatly packed into the perfect pre-roll for any occasion, enjoy all your favorite strains at a moment's notice.


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