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Our friendly, knowledgeable team excel at sharing experience-based  advice, and ensuring our members have all of the resources they need to  make informed health decisions.

H.G. carries a wide array of mail order products including dried cannabis,  concentrates, capsules, tinctures, topical s, and accessories from which we promote WEST COAST dispensaries. We provide  our members with a large variety of options to choose from, with the  goal of having the appropriate product for each member’s needs.

We look forward to the day when the positive effects of cannabis are  recognized worldwide, and we believe this day is rapidly approaching. We  hope to serve as an example that cannabis-based businesses can have a  positive effect on both the local community, and the local economy.


H.G. budtender has traveled threw out Canada and beyond in search of the finest cannabis flowers.In the journey he learned two things. One,Growing this beautiful flower is a craft. One needs to understand the journey from seed to harvest. Second,many are forgetting the spiritual and natural healing properties of this mystical flower. Cannabis was never intended to be just a lifestyle,it is the being.Fast forward to 2018,medical cannabis is being excepted by the medical community after years of denial.Recreational is soon approaching.With all the excitement and opportunities available H.G. remains focused on medical cannabis / marijuana in Winnipeg and patient care. Our budtender is on the road less traveled to keep discovering the finest medical cannabis available & provide our members with the finest craft cannabis,located in the cannabis cafe in Winnipeg .

Giving Back Rising Up Movement

We believe in giving back to our communities.Is there a program your community needs a helping hand with? 

Please contact us, we are part of the rising up movement to help those need.

Give a Man a Fish , He is Fed For The Night. Teach The Man , How To Fish. He Is Fed For Life.

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