Our budtender is on the road less traveled to keep discovering the finest medical cannabis & hemp products available throughout North America , with new products arriving weekly. Subscription boxes makes it easy and luxurious to enjoy. We will deliver a carefully curated box directly to your door every month—discreetly and with utmost attention to detail. Stick with your favorite box each time, or choose a different theme month to month.We have selected only premium lab tested medical cannabis/CBD products, packaged and presented beautifully to create an experience that is effective and satisfying. 

CBD Products



 The HG Wellness Romance subscription is designed to foster romance and intimacy, enhancing pleasure with a partner or during self-pleasure. Each month you’ll receive seven to eight items such as hemp-infused massage CBD oil, bath bombs and cannabis breath mints. We’ll also include pre-rolls formulated to enhance lovemaking, CBD lubricants that support feminine health and satisfaction, and cannabis-inspired toys and mood-setters like candles and vibrators. We’ll vary the selection each month so there will be new thrills with every delivery.  

  • 1 Time $ 240.00 Total



Each month, HG Wellness will fill your CBD prescription with a collection of seven to eight CBD products to help ease your pains.Training hard, working hard and playing hard can take a toll on the body.Sit back and open the Athletic which will have wide variety of natural healing. CBD creams and rubs,medicated bath salts ,CBD oil and some of Small Batch,High Grade cannabis to relax the body & mind. Every delivery will be a healing experience. 


  • 1 Time $ 240.00 Total

Night And Day


 Let HG Wellness complement you around the clock with a monthly delivery that includes items suited for morning and evening use. For those coffee-and-cannabis days, you’ll enjoy carefully selected sativa products, chosen to stimulate socializing and creativity. If it’s a nightcap you’re after, our indica products will prepare you for a stress-free evening of full-body relaxation and restful sleep. From coffee, pre-rolls, and vape pens to honey,tea and hot chocolate, you will receive a selection of four sativa and four indica CBD products. We’ll vary the selection with every delivery so there is always a new way to enjoy.


  • 1 Time $ 240.00 Total

CBD Products Available



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